Onshore project owners and local developers

“Every projects is essential to us and receives our highest priority and our full dedicated attention“.
We like to become involved in projects when they are still dreams; as early as possible.


As a land owner, you will make profit from leasing your land parcels for wind energy by interesting and secured payments. Development and operation of the wind farm are the economic responsibility of InControl. Use of the land, be it for agricultural or forestry use, will still be possible. There will be no cost or risk for you.

We will be happy to respond to your individual wishes and we will develop a tailor-made concept together with you, for example contractual clauses adjusted to fit special local circumstances or a concept for operating the turbines yourselves.


For local developers, we know that you identify the opportunities in your area long before external agents do so. You have your ears on the ground through your own reliable network of good local contacts.

We also know of your questions around matters such as: the lack of specialized knowledge and experience of your teams including an efficient project management; the difficulties to find access to the substantial funding that is required; the lack of contact with suitable external investors and the uncertainties around environmental matters and trends.


All of these are our strengths.

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