Our 40 years experience in offshore infrastructure projects and our on- and offshore wind development involvement since the mid-90s, qualify us particularly well to be recognized as a leading force in the wind energy industry

The InControl team has successfully participated in key roles in the greenfield development of 14 major offshore and 11 onshore wind farms in Europe. On top of that, we are the architects and developers of the heavy-lift jack-up installation vessel INNOVATION; the most powerful installation vessel in the market and this within time and budget.

With large multi-partner wind energy projects, a huge amount of time is normally spent doing contextual research, blending viewpoints and strategies, developing unique skills required in specialised projects and synchronising capabilities that have not collaborated before.

We are designed and geared to deliver all of that in one package.

We are a highly innovative team of experts with a passion to bring more clean energy to more people. It is our challenge to give our clients a greener profile by reducing costs towards the delivery of sustainable energy with every project we undertake.

At InControl we creatively structure all financing ourselves to deliver successful projects with positive results and attractive yields for our investors. We are one of the leading players in procuring non-recourse financing for on- and offshore wind projects. We achieve this mainly through the confidence we earned with our investors. They know that we are capable of successfully managing projects using only 2 – 3% of contingencies and still within very competitive CAPEX budgets.

Based on this knowledge, the InControl team has over the past 16 years successfully participated in key roles in the conclusion of non-recourse financing for 4 offshore and 3 onshore wind projects; with another offshore and 5 onshore projects under way.

Since the mid-90s InControl has consolidated all its lessons learnt in knowledge data bases together with all thinkable risks and mitigation of these from greenfield development to full operation. We continuously help to define and  extend the boundaries of our industry.

Investment in and development of onshore wind parks is becoming InControl’s leading line of business. In France we have 4 large projects totaling 135 MW under development, expecting the first part of the construction phase to start by 2018.

We are also in the process of expanding our activities to other European countries, amongst others in Germany and Poland.

Our story

At InControl we are geared to accept any challenge in the development and construction of wind energy projects, wherever they may present themselves.
Our success stories confirm our capabilities and your successes.

How it All started

The success story of InControl was essentially born from the merging of the synergies of two skills and knowledge sets on the Belgian Belwind offshore wind energy project in 2008. Here, during the founding years of Belwind, Preben Poulsen and Frank Coenen met and brought their unique blend of skills together to deliver the success that led to the completion of Belwind at the end of 2010. And the successful development of many other wind energy projects since then.

Completing an offshore wind farm of 55 turbines of 165 MW in just 3.5 years from conceptualisation to the start of construction and only 15 months to commencement of production was unimaginable at the time. But it was not only a feat of technology. The fact that it was financed on a non-recourse basis across the worst European economic slump in recent years is also testimony of financial management innovation and superior project management.

Preben Poulsen, a qualified marine engineer with extensive experience across all facets of the energy sector; he developed  a highly specialized team that provided most of the technical know-how and innovation.

With a background that in 2000 had already accumulated almost 20 years of experience on major on- and offshore infrastructure projects, he headed the team that pioneered and built the Danish Horns Rev 1, the first large scale offshore wind farm in the world, in 2002. He and his team later also built the famous Dutch Princes Amalia offshore wind farm that was opened on 4 June 2008.

On the financial and investment side Frank Coenen brought a vast amount of expertise in strategic business management, company administration, law and financing.

Coming from a banking background of 10 years, he ventured into the chemical industry, later into waste management and into the waste-to-energy fields, where he honed his business skills before entering the world of wind energy. His background and experience in sourcing investors and funding and driving financial close processes against tight budgets and timelines, has become indispensable to the success that later was to become InControl.

Preben Poulson and his team had just completed the Princes Amalia wind farm when they joined forces with Frank Coenen on Belwind. This was the start of a partnership that went on to create InControl and their involvement in the major success stories of Belwind, its successor and the 2nd part of its concession Nobelwind, Northwind, and many more.

Where we want to go

InControl evolved from a highly skilled wind farm expert into a leading investor and developer of its own wind projects.

Today  InControl holds a 14% share in its own Northwester offshore wind park. They ensured the permits and concessions; they brought together the different parties; they took the risks.

InControl has now invested in land in France to develop 5 wind energy projects to deliver the largest onshore wind park in these regions. This requires not only technical acumen and financial stability and resources, but also close and empathic consultation with local communities to deliver a project that will carry the approval of local residents.

Management team

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