Communities & local authorities

The communities within which wind energy projects are planned and executed, as well as their local authorities, are major stakeholders that have to be duly considered during the project development.

As responsible corporate citizens, we at InControl respect and obey the legislation and regulations of the communities and countries within which we operate. For this reason we see political and economic leadership in the communities as important sources of information and stakeholders that deserve our open and honest communication.

We engage municipal management on issues that affect the community and we encourage active support of their communities. This is done through the creation of local jobs and business opportunities for local small businesses and local content. Due to the nature of energy generation, we prefer to establish our projects in areas where the impact on citizens’ lifestyles is reduced to the bare minimum.

To this end we ensure that all our partners (developers and investors) are sensitized to the requirements of local communities and the impact on their lifestyles and their environment.

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