Investment Opportunities

InControl regularly sells onshore projects, primarily in Europe. Investors can acquire individual wind farms or even larger portfolios.

We only sell high-quality projects which have been excellently planned and implemented. To ensure transparency and optimum Due Diligence, all data and project documentation is made available for our customers in our data rooms.

InControl adopts a cooperative approach. A transparent, fair negotiation process and proper handovers in the spirit of long-term partnerships with investors are therefore at the heart of our own interests.


Early stage wind development projects, prospective investors in energy projects seldom have the luxury of being in a position to significantly influence the nature or the evolution of the projects they invest in.
The projects are normally already fully developed or even operational by the time the investor gets involved. This applies to all major investors, whether they are institutional investors, international independent power producers (IPPs), utilities, or any other investor interested in the energy field.
This often leads to high costs for the investment against relatively low returns and very long periods to deliver returns on investments. Value created during the development phases of the projects are outside the influence or control of you, the investor.

We can offer you individual project development solutions smoothen the way into an attractive project investment.

New Investment Opportunities:

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