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Our offshore and onshore wind projects are completed within budget and meeting the time limits. Our focus is on fast tracking our projects to achieve project implementation within one season. We ensure that the projects are commissioned in the shortest time possible against agreed-upon quality standards.

From this platform, we offer our clients service packages to make it into the sustainable energy field successfully, both operationally and financially, wherever in the world you may be.

Since mid 90’s we have accumulated the combined knowledge and skills of finest global players in sustainable energy generation, more particularly wind energy, as our valued partners.

Together we bring in the skills, competence and business acumen required to fully develop and implement wind projects optimally in the most efficient ways possible. This dedicated and experienced project management team has grown an excellent reputation in the market.

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Dr.-Ing. Carsten Heymann

Safe Market Entry Services
Through our Safe Market Entry services, we at InControl offer investors a swift, efficient and a low risk entry into a new and burgeoning ‘renewable energy’ industry; into new markets across the globe while using innovative technologies and processes.

The joint knowledge, expertise and experience that we muster amongst ourselves at InControl and our extensive network of partners, is your guarantee for a safe launch and a smooth ride into the renewable future.

InControl’s Safe Market Entry is built on our well-known and robust track record in the offshore wind energy sector. We bring you the best practices and the most focused minds to lead your project through the different phases from identifying project opportunities, investment/development until operation. We are creating project value through the achievement of milestones like Financial Close and Commissioning.

Decision-making remains yours, but we will provide you with the intelligence to make the decisions meaningful and easy.

Investment Advisory Services
We also perform Investment Advisory Services starting from Sourcing, Due Diligence Studies and Bank Controlling until SPV Management on your behalf.

For every project we assess the concept plausibility (contracts, schedule, calculation, structure and organization), identify key risks and possible mitigation measures as well as possible improvement possibilities.

Program Management Services
Our Program Management Service concept implies that the full bouquet of services needed to fully develop renewable projects from scratch to full operation, will be contained in one service offering.

At InControl we harness our collective experience as pioneers in major offshore wind projects, covering more than two decades. Our comprehensive network of best experts in class to obtain banking services, asset protection, low risks and optimized IRR, reduce unwanted surprises to zero.

We believe that any project, however complex it may be, can be executed and delivered without any errors if it is planned and executed according to best project management practices. We bring you the best of both worlds: we combine unsurpassed excellence in project management with the highest levels of expertise and knowledge in sustainable energy generation available under one roof.

This combination empowers us (and therefore also you) to

  • state of the art project development,
  • the highest standard of project implementation, and
  • optimal long term plant availability.

Non-recourse debt financing refers to loans where the lending institution or lenders are only entitled to repayment from the profits of the projects funded by the loans, and not from other assets of the borrowers.

Due to the capital intensive nature of our projects our service packages and business model normally retains the following key ingredients:

  • a technically feasible and financially viable energy project
  • one highly experienced project team responsible for the project, its contracts and its risk management
  • one or more equity investors of which at least one is ideally local
  • one or more senior debt providers, e.g. EIB or a pension fund
  • one syndicate of commercial banks providing non-recourse loans secured only by a lien on the project assets and repaid entirely from the project cash flow
  • one ring-fenced Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created for each project, thereby shielding other assets owned by a project equity investor from the detrimental effects of a project failure. The SPV has no assets other than the project itself.

Non-recourse project financing is complex and complicated in a sector where even ordinary project financing can be daunting. We are one of the world leaders in procuring non-recourse financing for renewable energy projects. Our team at InControl has already successfully financed seven offshore wind farms, including the first one ever.

Risk identification and allocation is a key component of project finance. Projects can be subject to any number of technical, environmental, economic or political risks, particularly in emerging markets.

Financial institutions and investors may conclude that the risks inherent in a particular project development and operation are unacceptably high and therefore not bankable. The financing of such projects should ideally be spread amongst multiple investors and stakeholders, in order to distribute the risk associated with the project while simultaneously ensuring profits for each party involved.

We at InControl have a long track record in the management of multi shareholder SPVs and our Program Management Service is tailor-made and perfected for this challenge as we improved it “by doing”. Our experience has flowed in a comprehensive lessons learnt register and management tool.

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