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Our 40 years experience in offshore infrastructure projects and our on- and offshore wind development involvement since the mid-90s, qualify us particularly well to be recognized as a leading force in the wind energy industry

Our credentials speak for themselves.

Our team has successfully participated in key roles in the greenfield development of 14 major offshore and 11 onshore wind farms in Europe. On top of that, we are the architects and developers of the heavy-lift jack-up installation vessel INNOVATION; the most powerful installation vessel in the market and this within time and budget.

Over all these years we evolved from a highly skilled wind farm expert into a leading investor and developer of our own wind projects. Today InControl holds a 14% share in the Northwester offshore wind park. And invested in France to develop 5 wind energy projects to deliver the largest onshore wind park in these regions.

Our offering: offshore and onshore
Investors, developers and banks

Our offshore and onshore wind projects are completed within budget and meeting the time limits. Our focus is on fast tracking our projects to achieve project implementation within one season. We ensure that the projects are commissioned in the shortest time possible against agreed-upon quality standards.
We offer our clients service packages to make it into the sustainable energy field successfully, both operationally and financially, wherever in the world you may be.

Our service packages:
Onshore project owners and local developers

As a land owner, you will make profit from leasing your land parcels for wind energy by interesting and secure payments. Development and operation of the wind farm are the economic responsibility of InControl. Use of the land, be it for agricultural or forestry use, will still be possible. There will be no cost or risk for you.

For local developers, we know that you identify the opportunities in your area long before external agents do so. You have your ears on the ground through your own reliable network of good local contacts.

Communities and local authorities

The communities within which wind energy projects are planned and executed, as well as their local authorities, are major stakeholders that have to be duly considered during the project development.

As responsible corporate citizens, we at InControl respect and obey the legislation and regulations of the communities and countries within which we operate. For this reason we see political and economic leadership in the communities as important sources of information and stakeholders that deserve our open and honest communication.
Investment opportunities

InControl adopts a cooperative approach, primarily in Europe. Investors can acquire individual wind farms or even larger portfolios. We only sell high-quality projects which have been excellently planned and implemented. To ensure transparency and optimum Due Diligence, all data and project documentation is made available for our customers in our data rooms. InControl adopts a cooperative approach.More information

Early stage wind development projects - prospective investors in energy projects seldom have the luxury of being in a position to significantly influence the nature or the evolution of the projects they invest in. The projects are normally already fully developed or even operational by the time the investor gets involved. We can offer you individual project development solutions smoothen the way into an attractive project investment.More information

Investment opportunities:
More news to come

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